This is the first post of my English-blog,

I don’t know why I’m choosing the name, but that name just suddenly came to my mind when I was on my bike this morning. I wish that this blog will be my life’s journey note, when I am entering my 40.

This year, 2018 I am entering my 40. Since then, so many things happened, and they are left a lot of impressions to me.

One of them is, when I went for a job interview, early this year.

I planned starting my digital marketing services this year. I want to help some small business and corporation to do their digital marketing.

So, when there was a chance to join in new parenting site, I choosed to apply. Everything when well, but I rejected by the job, because they thought I was outdated. They thought so, because I knew nothing about parent celebs who on Instagram, and even I didn’t follow any parenting issue outside.

I was so dispointed, however, it taught me, if I want to work on digital platform , I should see and think like the millenials. A generation that loves to connect with others (all the time), following the latest news, practical tips, self centered and many more.

Life lesson from my failed interview

On the other side, at this age I’ve already realized that so many things were not suit to my age any more. I have found the meaning of this life. I have known what I should embrace and what should I let go.

So, that failed-interview has been taught me, that I should separate the way I see a life and my job.

I may think as a mature woman. But when it comes to my job, I have to put Millenials shoes on me (suddenly it remind me to Andrea at “The Devil who Wear Prada ).

Yes, the interview has changed me alot. Now, I do my best to understand the Millenials thought. I gather alot with them, listening to their problems, even trying understand how their think.

Of course it wasn’t easy, I have to find another balance in my life again. However it feels nice, who knows that I can give them one or two life wisdom, right?

What do you think, have I choose the right path on my job and life?

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