Disclaimer: It is not a paid review, and based on my personal experience.

This year, I made a resolution to be healthier and fitter.

However, as working-from-home-mother, I don’t have much time to go for a gym nor fitness center.

On other hand, I knew I should spend at least 30 minutes a day for workout if I want to keep healthy.

I did my best to manage my time thus I could have some times for training, but still I always run out time.

So, that day, when I was flipping on Instagram, I saw an health and fitness app ads. It was called 8fit.

The ads said, that users just need 8 minutes to do exercise and get healthier and fitter body.

Feeling curious about the app, I went to Play Store, and decided to install 8fit right away.

How 8fit work

8fit provides daily training based on your body shape goals, like losing fat, getting fitter, and gaining muscle mass.

There are 4 levels exercises:

  1. First steps
  2. Beginners
  3. Intermediate
  4. Advanced

Each levels is divide into 10 levels exercise.

It has two membership, free and premium membership.

For the premium membership user will get full daily menu recomendation, additional exercise such as yoga, core exercise, glutes, and access for consultation to the desired coach.

Because 8fit programs are based on the users goal, so the training is tailored according to the user weight, heigths, and current fitness level.

How I use 8fit

First time I signed up on 8fit, I choosed to take the premium trial for 30 days.

But since I got difficulty to find all the ingridients on the meal plan recomendations, I choose to turn my membership into the free one.

Before switched my membership, I asked the developer whether 8fit has meal recommendation which consists of Asian food or not. Unfortunately, they haven’t had it yet.

Though I chose switching my membership, it still allow me to use the trial premium membership for a month.

8fit review
Some simple exercise on 8fit

About the exercise

After signing up, I landed on goals exercise-page. I Have been asked to enter my weight, body type, and exercise goals.

Based on my body weight and goals, I chose to do exercise 3 times a week, start from the the First Steps, Elementery level 1.

The Elementery level consist of 6 short sessions.

The aim of this session is I would be able to walk more strais without loosing breath, carry grocery bag without struggling, and feel healthier.

Not as the ads said, all of exercises take 10-20 min long and in high intesity exercises.

Each exercise is start with warm up and follow with core exercise.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have cooling down move. So, you have to find your own cooling down.

When I am writing this review, I have achieved Elementary IV which consist of time-interval exercise, tabata, repetition, and paleo run.

For me, some exercise-recomendations, are a little bit difficult, however, when I tried it for the second time, it felt much easier. And the feeling gave me more confident feeling to finish all the levels designed.

The premium membership

8fit premium membership is worth

Actually, I do not mind paying for pro-membership. If it were calculated on Rupiahs, it will cost Rp800.000 for 1 year. That means it only cost about Rp60.000 a month, or just Rp2000 per day. It’s a very cheap, isn’t it? Plus, you will get advise and consultation to the trainer.

But as I said, I don’t like the meal plans, thus (sadly) I chose to use the free membership.

What I love from 8 fit

1. Flexible

Flexibility, that’s the most I love from 8fit. I can do exercise anywhere and anytime I want to. It’s also doesn’t need any equipment to do exercise. I can adjust the frequency, goals, level and others for my convinience.

2. Video availability

For each exercise, user will be given a short video how to do the instruction exercise. So, I don’t need to how I have to do it.

3. Short exercise, great result

As I don’t have much time, the short session which tailored for best result is another thing I love from 8fit. In two months, I have lost more than 2kg. And it is just enough for me.

I don’t need to do much exercise either, only one exercise is enough. Tough I am still freely to do others if I want to.

4. A warm up include

Though it is just short workout session, but the exercise also included a warm up for each session. However, user may opt to do it or simply skip it.

5. Workout plan provided

Workout by your own, means you have to find perfect exercise everyday. But by using 8fit, all the exercises have being planned. What you need to do is providing time and do the workout.

6. Intregated with another app

The exercise log, not just 8fit workout, user may add others workout which user done. And the log activity tab can be conneted to other application like Google Fit.

In my opinion, it helps user to get more acurate calori burning. So, user will able to decide perfect workout and meals plan.

7. Feeds for more healthy life style

No matter you are a pro-user or free-user, you will get feeds how to get more healthy lifestyle and how to do the right workout to meet your goals.

To me, it is so helpful, for I don’t need to surf on the internet, finding the right answer to improve my helathy lifestyle.

8. Opportunity to give feedback

At one of exercise session, I had to lift my foot while I was lying on the floor. I gave “difficult” feedback to this exercise. Afterward, I never get such exercise anymore.

I think this is another “plus” of 8fit. Users will always get best recomendation, that really meet users need.

Overall, yes it is a great workout application. You don’t need to go anywhere and any equipments to get effective workout.

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