It was 2.19 am in the morning. The sound of the new year fireworks began fade away. I was so glad this morning, things went as I planned; I started to write my blogging data base ideas, while every body started to sleep.

I decided to do so, after some success experiences on these last couple months.

It has a couple days I tried my new-productivity plan; waking up early, doing Tahajud Sal’ah, and listing the to-do. I found the pattern after a long way journey on time management.

I am also glad, that finally I achieved many things this year.

The coolest achievement in 2018

#1. Reconciling with the past

It start on July 2018, when I got my job as review contributor on That’s when I became familiar with one of self-healing method from Hawaii, Ho’oponopono.

I have a bad past, unhappy childhood, which resulting some phsycology problem during my teen age. Even one of my high school teacher ever judged me that I would never finish any single job.

Alhamdulillah, understanding Ho’oponopono made me reconcile (and today I am in the process for forgiving) all of my bad experiences.

The journals that I write every day is a proof that I can finish things I’ve started.

The meditation I do every day helping me lifting the weight I carry on my back.

Problem is about the way we look into it and how we react about it


Likewise with “past revenge”, finally I could accept it. I think it could be away of Allah taught me a lesson. If I haven’t face all of those problems, would I gain any life lesson?

#2. Finding my productivity path

What can be more worth for a freelancer than productivity?

Since 2013, I studied time management, but I always failed.

Alhamdulillah, Allah allowed me to meet with coach Darmawan Aji. His tips on productivity, helped me analyzing my mistakes (I will share this section in a separate post).

#3. Joining in remote worker groups

People who joined on this groups mostly are digital product developers, translators, copy writers, and so on. Listening to their conversation, gave me new insights, there are so many opportunities out there, as long as I open for a new oppurtunity.

#4. Starting my English blog (Yeay, finally!)

This blog,actually, is my old promise to WidiUtami, owner of

She often pokes around looking for an English language blog, for some content palcement job she got.

Unfortunately, blogs in English are still rare in Indonesia. So, last year she asked me to build an English blog. But I always postponed due my lack of time.

So that day, when Dewaweb, a hosting provider giving a discount for sign up new domain and hosting, this blog was born. I planned to become the English version of

Yes there is not much post there, but I am sure she will growing soon, just like its name, a growingblog. 😊

What about you, what is your biggest achievement on 2018?

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