Accepting Reality, Key to Your Calm and Happiness

accepting reallity is the key to calm and happiness

I made mistakes this morning. However, I got wonderful life lesson to have calm and happiness in life. 

Reality hit me this morning

This morning I accidentally hit the Gojek-order button. Whereas, I just wanted to check the tariff from Tebet to Co Hive 101 at Kuningan. And because of I was so curious about the blinking arrow on the order button, I clicked it without realising that it was mean I order for a trip. 

I felt so bad after that, moreover, when the driver texted me to make another order, so, his performa would not decrease. 

Though I believed I was hit cancel-reason which would not cause the driver get bad score performa, but still, his request made me felt so unease. 

And I didn’t know why, I also made another mistake when trying to order a trip to Bekasi Station. I choose to go to Bekasi Timur Station on Ampera street, instead Bekasi Station which on Djuanda . Thingking the different name merely cause the different entrance gate. 

Of course, it was a mistake. Nowdays, Bekasi has three railways station, Tambun, Bekasi, and Bekasi Timur. And I haven’t noticed it yet. 

On the way to Bekasi Timur Station, I tried to make affirmation, that this mistaken trip was my last bad luck, and everything would be fine, I would not arriving late at Co Hive.

Strangely, my affirmation didn’t work, I still felt unease. Somehow, I felt like my bad luck won’t stop.

And my bad luck was really still waiting for me, I missed the train which headed to Manggarai at that hour. I have to wait for another hour if I still want to depart from Bekasi Timur.

I immediatly calculated the possibilities and time I would need to arrive at Co Hive exactly at 10 a.m.

If I catch the train on Bekasi Station, it meant the fare I’ve spent to get to Bekasi Timur and the ticket entrance I’ve paid would be vain. But the possibility that I wouldn’t be late was bigger.

However, if I insist to wait for the 9.15 a.m train, it was clear I would be late and I wasted an hour for nothing.

I finally choose the first option, I’d rather arriving on time than not loosing my money.

As I went down to the station ground, I sighed and whispered “Okay, Wit, you have paid all the price of your mistakes today.”

Accepting reality does a key to calm and happiness

That moment, I began to surrender, whether I would arrive late or not, I realized it was the price I had to pay for the mistakes I’ve made. I was calmer, and my feeling was more relaxed.

The street was so jammed on the way to Bekasi Station. But I didn’t feel any worry anymore. I received all these discomfort on this morning as a consequence.

That day, I learned, accepting the condition we face today, actually made everything better. Our heart will calmer, and more relaxe. Well, what do we need the most during a crisis, beside a calmness, right?

Andthank God, though the street was so jammed, I didn’t miss the train which headed to Manggarai on Bekasi Station. I also able to arrive on time on Co Hive, even I could read some articles on the train.

By accepting the things that happened to me that day, I closed my day happier. And I think, this is a great lesson-life as well as the most beautiful gift I received today.

So, one day if you’re feeling unease, or maybe you made a big mistake which would never forgive, please try to accept it. Doing so perhaps you will see a brighter way, or at least, relieving your unease.

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